Great Gatsby Theme

American Dream
The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is set in the 1920’s right after the First World War and America was on a high. The economy was booming and people had money to spend. Our main characters Nick, Gatsby, Tom, and Daisy live this luxurious life style. As Nick gets introduced to this life Gatsby is trying to catch the attention of Daisy, his first love, while she is blinding herself from the fact that her husband, Tom, is cheating on her.  
After the war there was a generation called the lost generation. These people were in some ways under a spell, oblivious to any problem, irresponsible, and only looking for a party.   The main characters in our story are part of this lost generation. For example, Gatsby’s parties had “orchestra…no thin five piece affair…buffet table garnished with glistening horsd’oeuvres” (Fitzgerald 51). The parties Gatsby threw had no limit and he definitely spared no expense to ensure these complete strangers had a good time. All while trying to catch the attention of Daisy, whom he loves, who is now married and has a child. Gatsby is completely oblivious to the moral problem of trying to steal a woman from her family, showing that he is so caught up in his own head he doesn’t notice the world around him. Also at around this time the Prohibition had been passed stating that you can’t transport alcohol. But, the guests at Gatsby’s parties were obviously drinking it. So in turn someone had to be under a trance to be willing to take the risk of breaking the law and transporting the alcohol to the party. The people of this lost generation are able to forget the hardships of everyday life and party. They have no care in the world which is a dream of many people with difficult lives and that live in horrible conditions.
The American Dream can also be associated with carelessness for other people. Caring only about yourself and only looking out for yourself leaves very little weight on people shoulders, giving them...