Great Gatsby Study Guide

Chapter 1
1. By using Nick's point of view to tell Gatsby's story, it gives the reader a better insight to how Gatsby affected everyone. Because he doesn't know them it's almost a non-biased introduction and view of everyone.
2. In the introductory section of the novel, we learn that Nick moved from the west, he's a war veteran, and he's a graduate from Yale.
3. Type of people and the type of homes
4. Nick is inexpensive and Gatsby is showy
5. Tom is abusive and having an affair, Daisy is delicate 
6. Nick doesn't understand why Daisy stays, but she stays because of Tom's money.
7. The impression of Gatsby is that everyone knows of him but nobody truly knows him personally.

Chapter 2
1. The valley of ashes is dismal and symbolizes death
2. When Myrtle talks about her unhappy marriage, she seems to be justifying that it's okay for her to be cheating on her husband.
3. Myrtle's speech reveals her lifestyle about how poor she is, yet she's poor and ashamed of it.
4. The scene in the New York apartment shows that Tom is violent and selfish and that Myrtle is materialistic

Chapter 3
1. At Gatsby's "little party," there are colored lights in the garden, fancy foods on a buffet table, a bar, and a full orchestra. Many people who weren't actually invited attend the party and several groups talk of unhappy marriages while they are drunk. It is also brought up that many of the party goers have never met Gatsby and have heard a rumor that he killed a man.
2. Nick is with Jordan at a table with people he doesn't know and has a conversation with a man who recognizes him from the Third Division in the war, and the man turns out to be Gatsby. Fitzgerald basically sneaks Gatsby into the scene so that there is no biased towards him based on the previously mentioned rumors. 
3. Nick and Gatsby are both similar at this point by their past relations in the war and their memories of it.
4. He wanted to assure people this wasn't the only thing he was preoccupied...