Granite Crushing Machines and Stamp Mill

In the use of ore-crushing machinery it is frequently necessary to transport the same over exceedingly rough trails or even by aeroplane and while the nature of these machines requires to be exceedingly strong,granite crushing machines yet the parts must be of such size and shape as to be readily portable.In the construction herein shown the base 1, which is of cylindrical form is adapted to contain the motor for driving the shaft of the mill. On this base is mounted a ring 2 which carries a flange plate 3 of dished formation, upon which is mounted a vertical journal bearing 4.

A cylindrical member 5 of a diameter substantially corresponding with that of the base I is mounted on the ring 2 and is provided with a central bearing boss 6 supported by a plurality of radial arms "L The upper end of the member 5 is formed with an inwardly,stamp mills for sale bevelled portion 8 and a plurality of radial arms 9 extending outwardly therefrom carrying the flange ring 10 which has a downwardly extending flange I I.

Suitable roller bearings 12 are mounted within the boss 6 to support the vertical shaft 13 which 65 is connected with the motor arranged in the base through the bearing member 4. The top of this boss is covered by a sealing plate 14 with a suitable sealing ring surrounding the shaft to prevent water and dirt from entering the bearing.

granite crushing machines:

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