Government Should Place Restrictions on Scientific Research

"Government should place few, if any, restrictions on scientific research and development"

Technology development, powered by scientific research, has offered us great convenience and efficiency. However, not all scientific research and development are beneficial to human beings. Consequently, some inappropriate researches should be prevented in time before they make destructions. Government, as the administrator of society, is responsible for doing that. But the restrictions should never be placed by government alone. I will illustrate my point below.

The ultimate purpose of scientific research and development is severing for human beings. Thus, when faced with some researches including inhumanity, great negative effects on environment such as human cloning, inventing of weapons of massive destruction and fostering deadly bacteria, we should take action to restrict and prevent them. The atom bomb, for example, is a nightmare which should never be invented. Its great ability of massive destruction, power of eliminating everything and eternal radiative damage to the environment endangered the entire humanities' safety. Even if there is restrictions worldwide, atom bomb is still a potential threaten which could destroy the whole earth. So it is necessary for government to restrict such kinds of scientific research.

Nevertheless, the decision should never be made by government alone. First, government is not very clear about the academic field. The issue whether the results of a research are deteriorated should remain to be discussed by the academic world itself before taking any actions.   Second, government, as a representative of certain sides in the society, is unable to make decision for the majorities’ benefits in some cases. So, no matter what restriction it is going to make, the government ought to first announce it and accept different reflections from the society. Third, since government is influenced greatly by economic and diplomatic issues, its...