Gmf in China

In China, the GMF has is widely used in our daily life and it’s also being hotly debated. Some experts and citizens hold the view that we should ban the use of it because it may be harmful for our body, while others argue that we should support the use of it because it’s benefits overweighs the problems it might bring. At first, the government left the issue untouched. But after the severe opposition, they found some scientists to speak about the GMF. And after people know more about the GMF’s pros and cons, situations changes a lot.
According to People's Daily, China only produces 15% percent of soybeans it consumes every year. And the rest of 85% is imported from other countries, which are all genetic modified soybeans basically. Not only for the soybeans, but also people consume a large scaled of GMF everyday. But with the huge consume of GMF in China, Chinese government did not come up with satisfactory rules in the field. The only regulation is called Regulations on the safety administration of agricultural genetically modified organisms. And it is known to have many loopholes. It says that the GMF should be labeled, but it did not provide a certain way for the GMF companies to label their products. So they could use misleading labels. And even with the regulations, government does not have real restrictions toward GMF. So people would never know weather the food is natural or genetically modified. And government did not try to provide any information of GMF.
And because of the government’s lack of control on GMF, many citizens worried about the food they eat everyday. Are they GMF? Are they harmful? And an increasingly amount of people began to aware that the food they eat everyday would be GMF. Based on limited information people would get on the restricted Internet, people found that GMF could do harm to people. Worries spread.
And then, people began to seek out the truth of GMF from experts. And the experts in most cases were on citizens’ side. They...