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A team of investigators has been assigned to investigate an accident that has caused a deadly airplane incident. The event occurred in Buffalo, New York, due to a chain of errors. From the accident, a debate has arisen between pilots and aviation safety specialists. Colgan Air Inc. has begun to address fatigue faced by pilots during their duties. Pilots were careless and had ignored the safety rules. This rule breaking was identified as contributing factors from which the National Transportation Association (NTA) used to prove causes for the death of fifty passengers in the Colgan incident. In 2007, Colgan Air announced that they had reformed their safety and security procedures. Subsequently, the company is trying to develop its employee relations to improve the company’s operations.
The author of the article said the pilots agree with the critics and experts, stating that the airline companies usually get what they want, especially in relevant cases similar to the Colgan air disaster. The company naturally requires their pilots to work maximum hours, which are more than they are capable of undertaking. At the same time, it frowns upon employees who complain about the lack of the safety procedures. During the investigators' discussion, they condemned Colgan`s managers for their insistence on punishing the pilots for complaints of fatigue. Furthermore, they use strict rules in order to force the pilots to work harder than they are capable of.
After a few months, since the company adopted a strategy that states “No questions” and pilots should stick to their schedules, it became more severe towards the end of December. They wrote a memo to their pilots that said, “Fatigue calls are now the majority.” Management of Colgan air thought that this will affect their target to provide a service with compatible prices. Colgan's air had mentioned that they will not accept all this request of time off.
The airline had been reviewing their policy about fatigue.   They...