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The market for healthcare and OTC is primarily driven by the Health and Wellness megatrend, but manufacturers must look beyond health functionality alone to remain relevant in an ever-evolving category. Pharmaceutical, sports nutrition, and healthcare companies must draw on inspiration from the broader food and drink space to respond to trends such as ""pill fatigue,"" and a growing preference for ""natural"" healthcare solutions.
Key Findings
- The pressures of busy modern lifestyles are taking their toll on consumers, with tiredness and stress being the most pressing health concerns influencing today's consumer.
- After looking or feeling good, reducing the risk of disease and supporting health is the primary motivation for exercise among the most active consumers creating opportunities for multifunctional sports nutrition that incorporates additional health benefits,
- Despite growing preferences for food over pills, consumers are still more likely to use vitamins, minerals, and other food supplements regularly than food or drinks with specific functional health benefits.

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- Top Trends in Healthcare and OTC explores key attitudinal and behavioral insights shaping opportunities in over-the-counter medication; vitamins, minerals and supplements; functional food and drink; and sports nutrition. It identifies five of the most influential trends that brands should leverage in order to differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive market.
- CONSUMER INSIGHT: Access information from our consumer surveys to identify the attitudes and behaviors driving key trends.
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- Identify the top five trends driving the over-the-counter medication; vitamins, minerals...