Global Folding Cartons Market Analysis, Trends, Forecast Up to 2024

Folding cartons are used for packing materials of different sizes and shapes, and can be said to be the pioneers in the packaging industry. Folding cartons are available in the form of paperboard with creasing, and are folded, cut, printed, and laminated to achieve a particular structure as per the packing requirements of the material. These cartons can be made from recycled paper stock, virgin wood pulp, or other fibres. These folding cartons find application in the field of food and beverages, cosmetics, confectionaries, pharmacy, and others. The healthcare industry is the largest user of folding cartons, followed by the tobacco industry. Carton manufacturing companies are coming up with new designs, processes, and innovative techniques to enable the brand owners to distinguish their products from competitors through attractive packaging. Similarly, there has been an advent of innovative printers and converters in the market, which adopt new printing technologies that are capable of offering more impactful finishing techniques such as spot varnishing, embossing and hot foiling.

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The constant significant growth witnessed in the healthcare, tobacco, and food processing industries is the major driving force for the anticipated growth of the global folding cartons market in the near future. Introduction of migration barriers to avoid contamination of carton board materials as a result of the food packed inside it, has made folding cartons a safer packaging option in the food industry. With technological advancements, carton packaging of products can now be modified and made more attractive and handy for the customers, thereby giving a competitive edge to the brand owners, thereby driving its market growth. However, folding cartons producing unit is an expensive project to start up. Hence, many entrepreneurs are not easily willing to invest in this industry. Also, these...