Global Expansion

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Why do many hotel organisations seek global expansion and evaluate the factors they would need to consider in order to realise such expansion.

In the post-modern information society one is amidst, the local market seems as a relic of an earlier era -the traditional industrialised society. The technologically potent society has broadened out its arms embracing growth in trade and travel, leaving the local market appearing as an obsolete phenomenon. Defined market borderlines are dissolving and the only limitation is within the capabilities of the expanding company itself. Globalisation appears to be a general trend but there seems to be a similar tendency of global growth within hotel organisations or maybe rather one derived from the former. Growth in international trade has brought along an increased amount of business travellers in need of high standard accommodation, and the decrease in airfare prices has resulted in a growing tourist market. This essay shall consider hotel organisations as defined by their ownership, the global expansion as the drawing in of local businesses into the global arena and finally the various factors decisive for the successful expansion. The changing business environment, demand for accommodation and the feasibility of the selected area will also be considered. Furthermore the essay will attempt to prove or rebut if the hotel industry is loosing its foothold within its own orbit due to the divorce of ownership from control, which presumably is a natural consequence of seeking global expansion.

The importance of the UK hospitality industry, (HI) became evident with the improved transportation system in the mid-nineteenth century. Hotels and resorts were constructed , but it was only around the 1960s that global expansion took place. (Knowles, 1994). This change is confirmed by Go & Pine (1995: 102) ‘During the 60s and 70s the US lodging industry experienced a switch from...