Global Efforts

Global Warming and Alternative Energy Sources

People are inflicting major damage to the Earth’s environment, and if we don’t do anything to stop the destruction soon, the results could be devastating. Most people know about global warming and think it may be a serious problem in the future, but what most people don’t understand is that global warming is happening now. Every day we are feeling some of its destructive power, but we continue on our destructive path. Because of the dangerous effects of global warming, alternative energy sources need to be aggressively pursued. Finding and utilizing alternative energy sources may be the only way to combat the increase of global warming.
“Scientists agree that the main reason for global warming is the depletion of the ozone layer surrounding the Earth due to increased levels of carbon dioxide and the increased release of greenhouse gas emissions.” Dr. Robert Watson from The Alliance of Concerned Scientists also adds, “These atmospheric concentrations of emissions are directly linked to human activities.” Fossil fuel emissions from gasoline and oil account for 52% of greenhouse gas emissions while coal burning energy plants and coal burning factories account for another 44% of emissions released (Samuelson 31). Overall, Americans are adding to global warming the most as we continue to be ‘energy hogs’ by driving gas-guzzling SUVs, and being careless with energy draining appliances in our homes.
The destruction of forests around the world also adds to the problem by taking away the largest source of CO2 filters. Millions of trees are harvested each year due to increased demand for their byproducts, and, because of this, our environment suffers dramatically (Kenworthy 2). The United States accounts for over 51% of the energy used yearly through out the world. From 2000 - 2004 there was a 100% increase in greenhouse gas emissions in all established nations, and there seems to be no slowing down in the future with a...