The involvement of black panther helped black people and claimed brutal of police and the demanded for political right and better living in prison are some main point of American Experience and eyes on the Prize part 12 ( a nation of law).First, Black Panther Party was part of political scene in Chicago in 1968 after many young black chicagoans claimed of racism and police brutality. Black Panther Party tried to protect black community , they created many breakfast program to help children, and also protect black people.   Even after Richard Nixon, president in USA,   said no one is above the law and no one is below the law and every people have to have laws and orders. However, police did not protect black people, because they tried to continue to enslave black people.

Later,the distrust of government strongly connected to how people feel about the overall state of the nation after many officer were abuse their power and they had created many violence and especially it is the legal system failed. FBI Edgar Hoover expanded surveillance in to Black Panther Party. Especially Fred Hampton is a former NAACP youth organizer, chairman of Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party. First, Fed Hampton   was sent to prison because he had been convicted on a charged of stealing 71$ worth of ice cream bars. Later, he was getting shot and died. The reason is where the evidence suggests that Fred Hampton had been committed crime, and the policed had apologized its function to that of a gran jury. Thus, it is a example that police used their power to abuse on people.
The demand for political rights and better living conditions is another idea. However, a massive fought between prisoner and police who were demanded by Governor Nelson Rockefeller. There were 43 people dead including 10 officers.   However, gunfire by state troopers and prison   guards was responsible for all the death. Thus, black people was wonder that the nation was serviced well by law enforcement.