Gerneration Dead

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My Chosen Passage: “The goal at all times will be acceptance; we understand the road to acceptance can only be taken through mutual understanding.” pg.104 lines 14-16
The quote above provides one of the main themes in the novel, “Generation Dead” by Daniel Walters. In this novel the differently biotic teens, or the living impaired, are described as a group that is not accepted by the population at Oakville High. I chose this quote because it shows that it takes a whole community to agree and understand that it is acceptable to be different. Some people, such as the Hunter Foundation, tried to explain that just because these teenagers may be dead, they were once just like us, and did not have a choice to be different.
The part of this book that impacted me most was the fact that the dead students and the living students had many disagreements. Instead of accepting the living impaired, many teenagers pushed them away, and made fun of them just because they “came back to life” having a different personality. This reminds me of current problems in our society today, such as racism. When people look differently others tend to draw negative attention to them, just like what the living impaired faced.
Students Entry:
I agree with the blog response from this student. This book impacted us both in the same way. The book gave us more of an outlook on that the problem had more too due with the difference in what kind of people they where. Like, in today’s world with the problem of racism. The most impacting moment of this book was that the impaired students and the living ones couldn’t get along in the end, due to each others differences. The same problem in other ways still go around today, people will never stop judging and no matter what anyone says everyone does it. I also agree with the fact that when you look at people differently others tend to give you more of the cold shoulder then to try and be...