Both the Exodus movie and the bible explained key points of Moses and how he grew up in the time period of 1520 B.C and forward. But they also have key differences that the movie showed but didn’t really happen in the bible.
The history and the movie are similar and yet different because it correctly shows the life of Moses from the bible point of view of   the steps to the Hebrew’s freedom,   his uprising against the pharaoh, and how he lead the Israelites to the promised land. The movie and history is different because the movie doesn’t show how cruel the pharaohs are, in the bible Moses wasn’t physically involved in war and battle, and in the bible Moses convinced the Pharaoh to release Gods people by proving that he was sent by God.   In the bible, Moses is sent down the Nile River in a basket because his mother was protecting him since the pharaoh ordered the death of all first born male children. He did this because he thought that the Hebrews were going to start a revolution against his rule. When he was sent down the river he was found by the pharaoh’s daughter while Moses’s sister watched him to make sure he was found. In the movie Moses was portrayed as the one to lead the Israelites to the red sea instead of God.
Growing up Moses was a prince with the son of the pharaoh Rameses also the prince, they were very close because they were always together. In the movie the pharaoh gave them swords with each other’s names on it, showing that they will always be together. They did everything together and even fought in battles together. As the father of Rameses died Rameses took the throne. In the movie Moses does not know that he is a Hebrew. When the pharaoh finds this out he exiled him. In the bible that is not what happened. Ever since the beginning of when he first knew him Moses knew he was a Hebrew, he was not exiled, He only ran away because he killed a slave master since he was beating a slave too much. The movie does not show him killing the slave master...