Gay Marriage

General Hospital:
Dominic has way too many people in the loop of what is really going on.   I hate to see anything mess up what he and Lulu have.   They are the cutest thing since Sam and Jason.   Who are back on and it's great!   Jason is finally starting to feel something about the life he lives and I think he is one Franco painting away from calling it quits.   The question is, what is Sonny going to do when he finds out the truth that Dominic is Dante and Dante is his son with Olivia?   Will he and Olivia be a happy little family?   Well not if Johnny has anything to say about it.   How wierd for Lulu that her ex boyfriend is dating her current boyfriends' mother.   Could her ex one day become her step father in law???   Not if Sonny has anything to say lol
The calm and mellow Carly is a little dull for me.   Ever since she married Jax she's been tamed and it takes all the fun out of the girl we all love.   I grew up around Carly.   There has been few that could fill that role and this one has really stepped up.
Poor Lucky.   I think he is definately about to have a huge break down and I think he is planning something big for Nicholas and Elizabeth.   Not like they don't deserve it.   Whatever Liz.   She driives me nuts and just makes me miss Emily more.   But I am so Team Rebecca!
And is it just me or when Rebecca got on the plane to go to France, wasn't that Zander she was talking to??   Or at least the same actor?   If anyone can help me out on that one it would be appreciated.   I have been watching General Hospital since I was a baby so I know that it is possible he could come back and for Rebecca and Zander to end up together well that would just be perfect.   And wasn't Zander with Emily and then he had a baby with Elizabeth?   Just a little historical trivia I'm trying to sort out in my head.
I wish Kristina would get over her daddy issues and give up on Keifer and not try so hard with a man too old for her, aka Ethan.   We need some good guys around we can find one for...