Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
By Robert Frost
      Introduction     Poetry is an art of writing. It allows us to express our felling, emotion, mood and all things in our mind through poem that we write. On this poem entitled “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”, Robert Frost, a well-known poet from San Francisco, tries to portray his thought vaguely by using literary words through his poem. We can infer the meaning of this poem by reading and perceiving it deeper with the help of our senses. Based on my own, I say that this poem illustrates someone who is trapped in a sinful pleasure (alcohol).
      DISCUSSION     Then what kind of thing that lures him? The answer is alcohol. I can say that way from the words woods and snow. Those two words lead me to think about silence and tranquility that creates pleasant atmosphere for him. And I consider that it is a drunken lullaby from the effect of alcohol.
The taste of alcohol itself is not delicious, in fact it’s bitter. But why he still loves to consume it? This peculiarity is pictures with the phrase my horse must think it queer. Here, my horse means logic mind. Then darkest evening of the year portrays about how peaceful he is in his drunken lullaby. And it’s such a delightful moment for him.
Then suddenly he is warned by his conscience that there is something wrong with what he had done. “He gives his harness bells a shake – To ask if there is some mistakes.” I can say that it is from his conscience because it sounds so silent; even he can hear the sound of wind and downy flake. And the one who can hear it is he himself.