Fundamentals of Ir

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1.   Objective of the project 04
2.   Methodology Adopted 04
3.   Introduction about the company 05
4.   Mecon’s Executives Association             06-10
4.1 Introduction 06
4.2 Membership 06
4.3 Structure 07
4.4 Process of selection of governing bodies 08
4.5 Affiliations 08
4.6 Issues pertaining to Association and Management   09-10
5. Mecon’s Employee Union 11-16
5.1 Structure of governing bodies 11
5.2 Process of election of governing bodies 12
5.3 Affiliations 12
5.4 Cases Associated 13-16
6. Other concerns for management 16-17
7.   Learning experience & conclusions 17-24
10.   References 25
11.   Appendices 26-28

1.0 Objective
The objective of the project is to understand the Industrial and Labour Relations scenario in a particular organization. The organization we studied was- MECON India Ltd.   Ranchi. We by means of our study have tried to co-relate our learning in the classroom to those in the organization. We, by means of our interaction with the employees and the management of the company have tried to analyze the dynamics of the labour relations in the company and the various ways in which the trade union bargains with the management and vice versa.
We were fortunate enough to have a very active executives association in the company with which we could directly relate the white collar unionism concept of Industrial Relations. The executives association being the dominant partner with more than 90% employees as its members makes the situation very interesting. Though there haven’t been many strikes or lock-outs in the company owing to a number of reasons like a prudent management and sensible work force, we managed to find interesting instances in due course of our research. Things like the smooth functioning of democracy, or even the actual presence of it were...