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To be a part of a Dynamic Organization where in return of my organizational skills, operations management abilities and analytical aptitude, I receive work which is increasingly challenging and tests my potential all the time, exploring me to new learning’s and development in psychological, social, economic and spiritual aspects.

                      PERSONAL PROFILE

Sex: Female
Marital Status: Single


    ❖ Masters in Business Administration (M. B. A.) with Specialization in Marketing Management

    ❖ Masters of Science (M.Sc.) Chemistry – Part I

    ❖ Bachelor of Science – (B.Sc.) Life Sciences

                      PROJECT WORK

  1. Summer Training Under Taken At CIFAR Emerging Capital Markets Pvt. Ltd, Ahmedabad For Two Months With Topic “ Financial Ratio Analysis Of Selected Industries ”.

  2. Prepared The Detailed Project Report On “ The Organizational Structure And Functions OF RIICO, Rajasthan ”.


        o Ensure smooth launch of the client on board
        o Give transparent analysis of project/campaign or activity feasibility
        o Maintaining good and regular communication with department heads, sub-departments, PMs and clients.
        o To give feedback and updates to operations for performance improvement and client satisfaction

    • Operations

        o Coordinating resources for the best performance of each campaigns/project and activity
        o To have a vision to be able to see beyond client’s requirement
        o To achieve the daily target by using best strategy for calling
        o To increase the productivity of each campaign without affecting quality and profitability
        o To ensure viability of each campaign and team
        o To monitor team wise productivity on daily basis 
        o To ensure best co ordination between Tech, QC and operations
        o To...