Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech in Communism

      The internet has revolutionized the way the world communicates with each other and in America it has let the individual American exercise their rights of freedom of speech and press more than ever before. If a controversial event happens in the world, an American can post whatever they would like to say about the topic freely and without fear of it being blocked or taken off the internet. Along with the invention of the internet there have been a few select web sites that enable a user to rapidly search the entire web to find what he or she has particularly searched for. Google and Microsoft are two of the most successful and famous for their ability to help a user find things on the internet.
      Recently, the Chinese government has been accused of cyber-attacks that have censored   post that have been made by human rights activist in China that portray their views or thoughts about the Chinese government through Google’s and Microsoft’s search engines.   These “attacks” on the censorship of the internet in China are not an unusual event that has been occurring. Google’s CEO Elisa Massimino decided that Google will not support the oppressions of the Chinese government when she stated the following, “Google's decision to stop cooperating with China's censorship policies breaks the spell of business as usual for companies that have acquiesced in China's demands to restrict access on the Internet.”(Brenda Soder)   Elissa made it clear that if China persist on the path of suppression of freedom of speech that Google will not be a part of it.
      If Google does eventually remove their search engine from China it will enable Microsoft and other smaller internet companies to take their pieces of the pie that Google is going to leave behind. To get support from both Microsoft and Yahoo on the idea of the Chinese Government from censoring search engine results Google asked, “Both Yahoo and Microsoft to comment on whether they plan...