Freddy Freshman

Its second period and Freddy Freshman has P.E. He walked into the gym slowly thinking about what it would be like in a coed p.e. class. Were Freddy came from the boys and the girls had separate p.e. classes. He went to the gym and sat down waiting to hear instruction from the teacher. The teacher called his name, “Fredward Higginson.”

“Here!” said Freddy. “But you can call me Fred or Freddy”

“Ok, thank you for letting me know”, said the teacher. Freddy felt sad and lonely thinking about what he would be doing if he was at his other school with all of his friends. Freddy’s old school went from Kindergarten to High School. He went there from second grade until eighth grade. Freddy was hoping he would stay there, but his mother and father could not afford the cost, and could not find somewhere for him to go after school because both of his parents had jobs. Therefore, his parents made him go to the local high school about three miles from his house.
“Hello, my name is Mr. Miller and I will be your teacher for this year. This year will be a fun year, but you will get stronger, faster, and YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT!!”

Freddy’s eyes got bigger as he heard those words. He had about an average build, but the doctors told Freddy he should consider losing a few pounds because he was a little overweight. The saying ‘losing weight’ has always been a phrase Freddy hated to hear just because he hated exercising. He knew he was going to dread the class. The teacher explained what activities they were going to do. Freddy secretly listened to his iPod as the teacher was explaining the rules of his class.
“Uhh, excuse me Freddy, can you please give me that iPod?” said the teacher. Freddy’s face felt really hot as it began to get red. He walked down the steps of the bleachers with his hood over his head trying to cover his face so people would not notice his face.
“Sorry for listening to my iPod sir. It will not ever happen again,” said Freddy.
“I know it won’t happen...