Robert Barnes
English 121
Thomas Lovell

                                                            Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Many people have come to know Frankenstein as an 8ft tall monster created by a mad scientist. This story has been shown in cartoons and movies over the years. Until I read the book myself, I was among the ones who envisioned the monster as a hideous beast with bolts in his neck. The story is really about the life of Victor Frankenstein. Victor was a brilliant man who strived to gain scientific knowledge. He eventually discovered the secret in which he could successfully reanimate life from lifelessness. He worked hard and spent all of his time conducting experiments using organs from various dead men to create a monstrous being. He became so obsessed with his creation that he failed to realize the consequence’s until it was too late.
Victor’s creation did not have a name. It was referred to as monster, daemon, devil, and fiend among many others. At first, the monster was caring, gentle, and as curious as a child. Due to its appearance, it was rejected by society into a life of loneliness and despair. It eventually became vengeful toward the one who created him; vowing to do whatever was necessary to gain revenge. According to Carina Brannstrom, “Mary Shelley’s novel is above all about the theme of alienation and the innocent victims affected by it.”
Victor seemed to have a great life as a child growing up. He was surrounded by family and friends, and had parents who supported him in any way they could. The opportunity for college was given to him even though his father disagreed with his studies. It was appalling to me when Victor alienated himself away from family and friends in light of his discovery. Although I did not have the family support when I was growing up, I consider myself fortunate to have a happy life. There are numerous people out there whom are not as fortunate. Some really did not have any support,...