For Euthanasisa

Euthanasia is defined as, “The act or practice of putting to death painlessly a person suffering from an incurable disease.” Today, the practice of euthanasia causes great controversy. I strongly believe that Euthanasia should be allowed as will be seen in the paragraphs below.
Legalizing euthanasia would help ease suffering of terminally ill patients. It would be inhuman and unfair to make them endure the unbearable pain. In case of individuals suffering from incurable diseases or in conditions where effective treatment wouldn’t affect their quality of life; they should be given the liberty to choose induced death. It provides a way to relieve extreme pain. It provides a way of relief when a person's quality of life is low. Keeping someone in pain and suffering is not loving, it is evil. Euthanasia can be the most loving action, and the best way of putting agape love into practice. It can quickly and humanely end a patient’s suffering, allowing them to die with dignity. It can help to shorten the grief and suffering of the patient’s loved ones by sparing the agony of watching their loved ones suffer a slow and painful death. The motive of euthanasia is to "aid-in-dying" painlessly and thus should be considered and accepted by law. Although killing in an attempt to defend oneself is far different from mercy killing, law does find it worth approving. Most people would have their pets put down if they were suffering – this would be regarded as kindness. Why can’t the same kindness be given to humans?
Secondly, Euthanasia also frees up medical funds to help other people. In an attempt to provide medical and emotional care to the patient, a doctor does and should prescribe medicines that will relieve his suffering even if the medications cause gross side effects. This means that dealing with agony and distress should be the priority even if it affects the life expectancy. Euthanasia follows the same theory of dealing with torment in a way to help one die peacefully...