Football Salaries

• £120,000: enough to feed 625 families in Africa for a whole year; yet this is the excessive amount of money that a premiership footballer can earn one week.

    • if just 1% of every Premiership footballer’s wage was donated to helping people with real problems, you could feed around 20,000 African families for a whole year.

    o What is even more astounding is that these excessive wages are totally incongruous with what the job of a footballer entails. The average week of a footballer involves: a training session, an appointment with the physiotherapist, a press conference and a 90 minute match.

    o And at the end of the week they have enough money to buy a terraced house in the North of England, with cash.

    o The average week of a fire-fighter involves 48 hour shifts, visiting scenes of trauma and horrific accidents, emotional exhaustion and, most importantly, saving lives. And at the end of the week they are lucky if they have enough money to feed a family of four, as they struggle to pay a 25 year mortgage on a terrace in the North. Full-time fire-fighters earn an annual salary of around £25,000 and paramedics around £28,000

    o What incentive do children and young people have to become paramedics, social workers or fire-fighters when they can earn more in a day as a footballer than you could in a week in any of the aforementioned professions.

    o why save lives for £25,000 a year when you can play football for £125,000 a week?

    o There are two solutions. A modern day Robin Hood in the form of a wage-cap for footballers, so any money earned over the maximum is used to alleviate poverty around the world.

    o a mandatory donation of 5% of every footballers wage to charity. Either way, the focus would be back on the sport and millions of people would be lifted out of miserable and hungry lives: two simple solutions to a serious problem.

    o Samuel Eto'o gets paid 1,458,333 a month, the Prime Minister gets 142,500 a...