Food & Drink Policy



Prior to any child starting nursery, special dietary requirements arising from health issues or cultural and religious beliefs is established between staff and parents.   This information is recorded on registration records and is countersigned by parents to signify that it is correct.   This information is regularly reviewed and updated accordingly.   Any special dietary requirements are displayed to ensure all members of staff are aware of them, and implement systems to ensure that children receive only food and drink which is consistent with their dietary needs and parents' wishes.
Menus are planned in advance with the help of both the child concerned and their parents or carers.

All foods provided within the setting are nutritious and healthy, and in the case of meals, we provide protein for growth and essential vitamins & minerals found in raw foods, fruits and salads.   We provide foods from the diet of each of the children's cultural backgrounds ensuring they receive familiar foods and introducing them to new ones.

We obtain information about the dietary rules of religious groups, preferred diets and allergies via discussion with parents and research by staff members.   We take account of this information in the provision of food and drink.   Staff are required to show sensitivity towards any special dietary requirements and must not use the same as a label for a child or to single out that child.

Meals and snacks are treated as social occasions in which both children and staff participate, and use this time to help children develop independence by making food choices, self-serving and self-feeding.   Appropriate utensils are provided for each stage of development and cultural eating practices are taken into account.

Fresh drinking water is constantly available and children are made aware of how to obtain the water and their ability to ask for water at any time during the day.   Whole pasteurised...