Food and Safety Requirements

CU2646 Statement on food safety requirements when providing food and drink

In order to meet the food safety requirements it is vital to follow the hand washing procedure, ensure expiry dates are checked regularly and that food is stored to its necessary storage requirements. For example, if a yogurt is stored in a cupboard, it will most definitely form bacteria and most certainly not be given to a tenant. It is vital to check the storage requirements for food as they vary, some foods require to be stored in a fridge and some not in direct sunlight and some require being stored in the freezer. this needs to be checked to prevent harm to the individual the food is being provided for.
When preparing food and drink, hands must be throughly washed using the correct hand washing technique, dried properly and gloves and aprons should be worn. Particularly if you have just delivered personal care to the tenant. For instance, you should wash your hands before and after personal care and gloves and aprons should be worn at all times. Once complete, your gads should be washed again and your gloves and apron should be changed for a new set. Before preparing food, I ensure that food surfaces are clean by wiping them down with a cloth and antibacterial surface cleaner which they may have within in their flat which is also ensured to be stored away correctly. Once the surface clean and ready to use the food will be prepared on the surface and cleaned again afterwards. Items used will not be left lying around such as knives and forks and plates etc, whatever used to prepare the food will be washed up straight after and once they have finished their meal their dishes will be cleared away and washed up. If any spillages happen or food has spilled on the work surface or floor i ensure this is cleared up before leaving the flat to prevent danger to the tenant from slipping over, or in worse circumstances finding the left over food later on and attempting to eat it. I also think...