Fmi: Food Grade Phosphates Market Dynamics, Supply Demand, and Analysis 2015-2025

Food grade phosphates are used for various application in the food processing industry as discoloration inhibitors, emulsifiers, and buffers. Food grade phosphates are also used in frozen meat, bakery products, milk, powdered food, cheese, petfood, cereal, dehydrated potatoes, fisheries and animal feed products. Food grade phosphates are broadly classified into blended and specialty phosphates. Food grade phosphates market is consolidated market. For instance, Prayon SA acquired Augusta, Ga., which produces various types of phosphates including sodium phosphates, calcium phosphates and potassium phosphates. Food grade phosphates are used for various applications including retention of water in the fish.

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Food Grade Phosphates Segmentation
Global food grade phosphates are segmented on the basis of type, application and region. Based on the product type food grade phosphates segmentation includes sodium phosphates, potassium phosphates and calcium phosphates. Of which sodium phosphate is expected to be the dominating segment, followed by potassium and calcium phosphates. Among all the segments of food grade phosphates type, sodium phosphates segment is expected to contribute maximum revenue over the forecasted period. However, calcium phosphates segment is expected to witness fastest growth in the next four to five years due to the various benefits associated with the consumption of calcium phosphates. However, potassium phosphates is expected to experience flat growth in the forthcoming years due to the more preference of consumers to consume sodium and calcium phosphates. Based on the application, food grade phosphates are segmented into bakery, food and beverage, dairy products and meat products. Of which meat product segment is the leading segment and expected to contribute highest revenue during the next four to five years, followed by bakery segment. Bakery segment is...