First Amendment

A great deal of concern arises from these results because. However, the study suggest that this future classes in journalism which will develop stronger citizens, and a stronger democracy. Students should also focus on exercising their rights more, helping them to have a better appreciation of their rights.   in and outside of the school. Additionally, if an issue is brought front and center into one’s life they are more likely to appreciate and understand its implications. Society hastheir citizenship provides to them. Failure to provide this teaching weakens the countries democracy and could result in losing these rights.
Business Implications
The business implications associated with future generations not being aware of their First Amendment rights boughs they have as individuals or as a business they could be missing out on a lot of opportunities or put their business in jeopardy. Companies have a right to speak freely, but must do so w of the law. A company cannot knowing try to deceive or misrepresent themselves and expect to get away with it. Claiming excusable and will not be tolerated by the courts.
Journalism is an important part of the American culture. When done correctly reporting provides the guarantee of demos that the First Amendment was his country because they have failed to educate themselves or appreciate what rights they have. However, if educators would refresh their own skills and spend more of their students about their rights this could change the course of American   more citizens to practice and appreciate their rights.