Final Essay

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Renting an Apartment is a better option than Buying a House.
Vanessa Ocampo
Com/156 University Composition and Communication II
Jeffrey Pietruszynski

  The topic that I’ve decided to write my final essay about is, renting an apartment is a better option than buying a house. Whether renting is a better options than buying depends on many people’s income and if they have a decent secure job. When it comes to concerning renting an apartment or a house it can be somewhat time- consuming "for example" from the initial application to the lease document itself, and including everything in between, the process doesn't always move fast, depending on how fast the landlord wants to be in doing his background checks. Understanding the process is the best way to ensure that both parties receive the transaction successfully.
  Once a tenant expresses interest in a rental property, the first thing she or he may do is view the property inside and out. If she or he is still interested, she or he may fill out an application. This gives the landlord personal information on the tenant so the landlord can begin doing some background checks. He may run the information through the credit bureaus (if the tenant gives permission to do so) and through local court systems to make sure there is nothing unsavory about the renters.
  Another aspect of renting a property is the process of reference. For a tenant, "this" is similar to a job application, where a employer may check the past employers to ensure she or he was a good employee; landlords want to make sure of the same thing when it comes to concerning rental history. Landlords use this process to discover if past landlords had problems with the tenant, what the tenant's payment history was like and if the past landlord would rent to this person again.
  Once the landlord has checked references and determined that the rental candidate is desirable,   he or she may make an...