Fin Concept Paper

Guillermo furniture store concepts

AUGUST 1, 2011

Guillermo furniture store concepts
Guillermo Furniture Store is owned by Guillermo Navallez which is known for their high quality furniture in Sonora, Mexico for many years. Guillermo Furniture was started in his home town where lumber and labor costs were available at an extremely low price. In Sonora, Mexico Guillermo did not have a problem with competitor because he was the only business creating furniture until in oversee competitor moved into town.   Over the last several years the local economy has change. With the new competitor moving in the area Guillermo Furniture Store feels a direct effect on the company profit margins. In this paper I will discuss some financial concepts that are used in this scenario.
The financial principle and concepts are used in many business and organizations and financial institutions. The financial principles and the market give businesses and organizations an opportunity to become competitive. The Guillermo scenario shows how new businesses can bring about challenges that can put company in financial hardships. The financial principle used in the reading describes particular behaviors of financial transitions and guidance in decisions for making new technology to customize new products that are faster and efficient ( Emery, Douglas, & Finnerty,  2007).
Guillermo has realized with the new competitor in town it could cause an economic disaster for the town and business. Because of the interest in financial decision making can lead to rational decision making, and Guillermo will need to restructure their position to meet the challenges from other competitor. Guillermo has the advantage in obtaining brand name and lower prices that could give the company a competitive edge in the market ( Emery, Douglas, & Finnerty,  2007). s
The cost and benefits sets the foundation in making decision with alternatives in transactions that uses a minimum of two sides of...