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The Flynn Effect
Dr. Flynn makes some great points as far as the study of intellectually deficient. Within this paper I will respond to several questions about the study Dr. Flynn conducted. I will also reference several other studies to help to support my answers on different subjects according to Dr. Flynn. There have been several other tests conducted to explain the results found by Dr. Flynn. Also studies have been conducted to test the IQ of adults as well since Dr. Flynn’s testing was focused on children.
Dr. Flynn’s Explanation
I personally believe that children are receiving more practice at the skills being tested on the IQ test. When I was in school there were not a lot of hands on activity. I was taught through a lot of repetition. I also learned through direct explicit instruction. Now as a teacher, my students are taught completely different. Just about every skill is taught using some type of hands on activity. If the activity is not hands on the students are able to observe the skill being used in some method. Some studies show that students can learn by observation as well. According to Belkin, Giambatista, and Hover (2012), a person does not have to participate directly with an experience in order to gain the knowledge of the skill. In many cases individuals learn through observation of another person behavior or consequence (Belkin, Giambatista, and Hover, 2012). It is further stated that an individual can imitate a modeled behavior and be able to reproduce the behavior observed (Belkin, Giambatista, and Hover, 2012). The Common Core method of teaching has changed a lot of ways that the information is being delivered to students today. When the Common Core method is being used students are able to observe skills as well as interact with the skills they are learning like never before. Therefore, when they are tested on different skills for their IQ results, in many instances they have already interacted with the skill at some point during...