Feliks Skrzynecki

“A person interaction with individuals and the world around them can enrich or limit their sense of belonging”

You can’t be forced to belong to a certain society or group.   The immigrant chronicles describe Peter Skrzynecki ‘s life as an immigrant and the hardships he had to face. St. Patrick’s College is about Peter’s life at a catholic school. “Impressed by the uniforms of her employer's sons, Mother enrolled me at St Pat's with never a thought to fees and expenses - wanting only "What was best". Peter’s mum wanted him to belong to a upper class family, she desires her son to belong maybe something that she doesn’t have. Since migrants have a minimum wage she only wants what’s best for her son and wants her son to have a better life than what they have now, which is close to nothing.

“For eight years, I walked Strathfield's paths and streets,   Played chasings up and down   The station's ten ramps –   Caught the 414 bus   Like a foreign tourist, Uncertain of my destination Every time I got off.”   Even after eight years off attending that school Peter never felt a sense of belonging at that school or in that area. This is also explored throughout the poem. This contradicts what his mother hoped for him, “…wanting only "What was best". As time progress he started to realize the meaning of his uniform, the meaning to be part of the school culture. But he still didn’t belong to the society, to the school. “For eight years I carried the blue, black and gold I'd been privileged to wear: Learnt my conjugations And Christian decorum’s for homework, Was never too bright at science But good at spelling; Could say The Lord's Prayer In Latin, all in one breath.” He also started to acknowledge the sacrifices that were made to get him to that school “Mother enrolled me at St Pat's with never a thought to fees and expenses”  

Her boss and their family easily influenced his mother. Since, as already said, housemaids have a very low pay she wanted to prove that she can also...