Features of Effective Team Perfomance

e features of an effective team performance are set up by showing positive leadership.
Throughout the years many theorists have tried to capture on paper exactly what makes
some people form an excellent effective team who achieve goals and targets, whilst others
struggle to even get along. An effective team will work together, stay focused, and all the
time support each other along the way to reach the end goal. This is due to each and every
member of the team knowing what role and responsibility is required of them to follow their
role. Team performance will also be more effective if there is a respect for their team leader /
manager. The manager will also be in control of what strengths and weaknesses lie within
his or her team. Working as part of a team requires effective communication skills, where
there is a breakdown of communication there is also a breakdown of an effective team.
A good team leader is a person who can lead their team while giving each member of the
team the right to be a leader within themselves; they not only possess good leadership and
guidance skills, but also possess good communication skills. In the words of James Humes,”
The art of communication is the language of leadership”. If the team has an effective leader
who can communicate clearly the goals and objectives of the team in synch with the goals
and objectives of the individual members through effective two-way communication, then
there is nothing that can stop that team from achieving.