Family Analysis

Making this assignment was a new experience and also a hard task, not only because of the time it took me but also because of the emotional feelings. I found out something that I didn’t believe that I had inside my family. Although I found out things not very positive, this investigation made me know better my family, the real true of the whole family. I Believe that something positive came out from all this, not having any more secrets and understanding my family just the way it is.  
One positive patter is that in my family we only have two cases of SXV and one of SXP. My PGM was molested by her father when she was 9 and this lasted five years. She runway from her house at the age of fourteen, she had to runway because her mother knew what was going on but she didn’t supported her, his mother was afraid of his father. My MA₁ was sexual abuse by his husband when his was under the influences of drugs.
  There is not much violence inside my family only a few cases that were past in each of the generations. Obviously in violence there is a victim and a violence perpetrator and in my family I have both. For example in line 1 my MGF and MGM where violent with each others, this was like a mutual problem, they both were the violence victim and violence perpetrator. I think that this had a great impact in line 2 with my MA₁ in her relationship with his husband because she grew up in a violent family, so she learned to be the victim. This was because she experienced violence between their parents during a young age. I think that this is like a patter in some family members. Although my   MA₁ was not the only child I find out that there were not any more violence situations with my

other aunts and uncles from my maternal family side. Also in Line 3 my HB₁ used to be a violence victim in his first relationship. In this case we didn’t had any violence between our parents, but his ex partner had some violence inside her family, so this is also part of a pattern....