Failure to See

Raul Lopez-Rodriguez
Failure to See
Blood thirsty fat cats scour the country in search of those whose minds are ripe for molding. Set upon the manufacturing lines of our public school systems in the course of twelve years they’re shaped and formed. Through a system deemed “The Banking Concept of Education” we no longer create the minds that once brought this country to its highest point. No more will we be a country of innovation, but a country of deposit boxes each patiently waiting for the next deposit of information
What we fail to see is how this form of education affects us. At one point we believed that this was the way that we should be taught. That threw this we could help create smarter, better students. But “Knowledge emerges only through invention and re-invention”.   The only foreseeable solution now would be Paulo Freires’ idea of a ‘Problem Posing Method of Education’. Through this we can see our future. This method not only betters our minds but helps better society. If we are taught to question, to analyze, to communicate, then maybe we can help change some of the problems that we face in today’s world. If we are no longer taught the values of our forefathers we can begin to abolish past conflicts. This method goes so much more past the classroom.
It can help change our lives. When we propose a problem on a daily basis we soon create a habit of seeing what the problems are with each way of doing something. White one may see this only working for large scale problems; they don’t see the benefit of doing this in our own daily lives. If we see the problems of our actions. The implications that each one has and then create a solution for them we may be able to change who we are as a society. Straying away from the crimes of our pasts towards a better future.
As we move past the classroom into the real world we have developed a skill of communication. A skill that helps move us from the norms we have become used to in the banking process. “People...