Extension English

Assessment Task 2: Tutorial Presentation

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Syllabus Outcomes:
A student distinguishes and evaluates the values expressed through texts.
A student explains different ways of valuing texts.
A student develops and delivers sophisticated presentations.

Step 1:
Select a text that reflects or challenges the concerns of the Romantic period from the late 18th century until the mid 19th century.
Your text selection may come from the Supplementary Text List provided or from your own independent search.
You cannot choose a text already studied in class or set for study in English at the H.S.C. Advanced or Standard level.

Step 2:
Use the 8 Step ‘Guideline for Exploring Supplementary Texts’ (Resource 6) to generate a set of notes on the text.
(10% of final assessment mark)

Step 3:
Prepare a 12-15 minute tutorial presentation in which you lead the class through an exploration of your self-selected supplementary text, Northanger Abbey, and at least two poems by Coleridge studied in class. The exploration of these texts is to address the Prescriptions rubric which states:
            ‘Texts related to [the Romantic] period examine or affirm the power of the imagination to  
              inform, illuminate and transform human experience.’

Throughout your tutorial you should attempt to:
  * establish Romanticism as a movement of artistic expression
  * explore   the links between imagination and human experience inherent to Romanticism
  * establish your own understanding of the differences between the imagination’s power to inform, to illuminate, and to transform (use evidence from the texts to illustrate these differences)
  * evaluate the degree to which each text is an examination or affirmation of the power of imagination, and its impact on human experience
  * critically evaluate the extent to which...