Explain How Children and Young People�S Development Is Influenced by: a Range of External Factors a Range of Personal Factors

The main external factors that influence children and young people’s development are family environment and background, poverty and deprivation, personal choices, education and care status. Below I have explained three of these:
Family environment and background: for example children that have large families causing noise and overcrowding in the household could lead to the child not getting enough rest, they will always be tired, unmotivated and have a lack of concentration in school. They may also not get the support they need at home from parents/careers due to lack of individual attention for each child. Another example of this is if a child lives in a rundown house this could cause health issues such as breathing problems from mould and dampness, this could lead to the child being sick on a regular basis and therefore missing out on their education at school which will affect their overall achievement and may not reach their full potential.
Poverty and deprivation: poverty can affect children in different ways, it may make some children more motivated to work hard and achieve their full potential to help provide and look after their family however another child may be affected negatively in that they feel excluded and ‘different’ from others around them at school. They may be too hungry to focus on their work or quiet and introvert because they do not have the same latest toys, pencil cases or drink bottles as children around them, meaning they may not want to join in with the class or involve themselves in activities.
Personal choices: this could be anything from choosing the wrong friend group to choosing the wrong food and drinks. Being in a group of friends that smoke, take drugs, consume alcohol can affect the way a child or young person conducts themselves at school   or they may even not attend school as this is seen as the right thing to do within the group. Eating fatty, sugary foods may lead to obesity, which can lead to health issues such as...