Examples of Own Behaviour

1.5 Explain the importance of using own actions to model socially aware behaviour
As a support worker is important that we show standards of socially acceptable behaviours at all times, to teach the young people we work with what is acceptable and what is not. For Example: I recently took a young person out for a coffee, we ordered a take away coffee, after drinking it the young person left his cup on the wall we had been sat on, I asked him to pick it up and put it in the bin, he thought it was ok to just litter the streets and after some initial refusals and my explanation of why it is not ok he picked it up and put it in the bin, (along with mine). The same young man went out with me again and did not need asking, he had learnt from our previous coffee and placed his rubbish in the bin.
Another example is the language often used by the young people we work with, for most of our tenants bad language is used in every sentence, over time and showing and reminding the young people I work with many of them are now aware of their language and what is socially acceptable .For example: telling a friend over the phone in a public place to “f**k off” is not acceptable, by reminding the young person that there are elderly/children within hearing range they are less likely to use the same language again. Quite often I will say to a young person (regardless of surroundings)” language” and they will sustain and apologise.