‘‘Every Accomplishment Starts with the Decision to Try’’

‘‘Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try’’
The sun rose up among the stars; its rays reached out for miles around; streaking across the verdant fields of the east. All the way to the temple of Attal’Narzan. The light illuminated the breath-taking garden; filled with vibrant colours of different flowers creating an exquisite scenery; the smell of fresh lavender, sage, rosemary; mixed together to create such an immense aura, that could be scented for miles around; and the noise of the bee’s humming in harmony. It was as if tranquillity was descending upon the temple.
Pedro realised that the room was too quite for his liking. Meditation for him (or the ‘’art of meditation’’ as master Zanshi put it) was something beyond the capability of his mind. He just couldn’t see the point of being in a life less room (literally speaking) contemplating on matters beyond human understanding. So it was no apparent coincidence that he lost concentration as soon as he saw the small bee swarming outside the window. And the timing couldn’t have been worse. At exactly the same moment, master Zanshi had just diverted his attention to him. Pedro already knew what was coming; he quickly covered his ears.
‘‘PEDRO MATTA.’’ The sudden scream echoed through the whole temple. Silence. Pedro looked around him. All his classmates continued their meditation as if nothing had happened. Pedro heaved himself and walked slowly to Master Zanshi’s desk (for what felt like the hundredth time).
‘‘Well, well, well. Mr Matta. It seems you have set a new personal record. Fourteen minutes and thirty-one seconds of meditating. Out of a possible three hours. Explain yourself.’’ Pedro looked down. He couldn’t look at master Zanshi in the eyes; this always sent a chilly vibe through him.
‘‘There was a bee outside, master. It wasn’t my fault that it couldn’t stop looking at me...’’
‘‘What a complete and utter nonsense. Every single day is the same. When will you learn, Pedro?’’...