Evaluation of a Business Code of Ethics

Evaluation of a Business Code of Ethics
Core-Mark was founded in 1888 as Glaser Bros. a small mom and pop tobacco store and has grown into one of North America’s largest distributors and marketer of packaged goods.   Core-Mark takes pride in treating all customers the same whether they are a national chain or like Glaser Bros., a mom and pop store.   With nearly 29,000 retail locations in the United States and Canada Core-Mark prides themselves on competitive pricing, on-time deliveries, innovative marketing and technology solution (Core-Mark, 2011).  
Core-Mark Solution Policy
Although Core-Mark does not have a traditional Mission Statement they do have many goals set forth for every department, but the main goal for the company as a whole is Fewer Deliveries, Fewer Invoices, More Time for Business. As a solution, driven company the company is always changing for the better, taking what failed and finding a better and more cost effective solution.   Consolidate vendors on a multi-temperature controlled truck to cut down on deliveries paperwork and driver hours.   In the end with new and innovative docks, trucks, and employees Core-Mark can improve margins, reduce costs, cut down on out-of-stock items, and let Core-Mark and their customers focus on business (Core-Mark, 2011).  
Core-Mark’s Ethical System
Core-Mark does not base their ethics on one system; the relativistic and duty-driven systems define Core-Mark.   In the Code of Business Conducts and Ethics of Core-Mark, there is a paragraph, and it sums up the two ethical systems chosen. “It is difficult to anticipate every decision or action that an employee, officer or director of the Company may face or consider. Whenever there is doubt about the right ethical or legal choice to make, fully disclose the circumstances, seek guidance about the right thing to do, and keep asking until guidance is obtained” (Core-Mark, 2011).   With many different department that make up Core-Mark there are many different...