Evaluate Ways of Promoting a Shared Vision Within a Team

To promote a shared vision within a team, you need to be aware of what objective you are trying to obtain. The team also need to have a clear definition of what is expected of them and support in achieving it.
A clearly defined objective, target or goal is easier to achieve as the team are aware of what they are working for.
To be able to work together as a team, you need to understand how the team works. You need to make them feel important, encourage input and suggestions, offer recognition/rewards, organise team meetings and delegate responsibilities to name a few.
The team need to have the knowledge and training to enable them to do the job. They also need support. They also need to know that a shared vision reflects upon all of us.
As a team leader/manager you need to be able to critically evaluate the effectiveness of yourself and your team.
The team also needs to realise they are accountable for their actions.
Ways of promoting a shared vision within a team include:
  Team meetings, staff training, regular updates, memos, giving responsibilities or tasks to members of the team, suggestion boxes.

Review approaches that encourage sharing of skills and knowledge between team members
There are many ways off encouraging sharing of skills and knowledge between team members, these include putting more skilled workers with less skilled workers so they can share their skills/knowledge. Team meetings to allow workers to share their ideas/knowledge.
Workers that have a skill or training in one particular area may train others. Using supervisions where one team member may be struggling and allow them time to learn. If there are a few people who are lacking knowledge in a certain area, offer group training or group supervision. Regular training updates so the staff have the best practice knowledge.  

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