Hamid Faqiri


Good morning ladies and gentlemen.   My name is Hamid Faqiri and I am going to talk to you about the most popular playback singer in Bollywood’s history, Lata Mangeshkar.

I will be discussing the rise of Lata Mangeshkar’s career which has spread over six and a half decades starting with a small introduction of her family and early life.

Lata Mangeshkar was born in Indore, India.   Her father Pandit Deenanath was a classical singer and a theatre actor.   Her mother Shudhamati was her father’s second wife.   Lata is the eldest child.   Her siblings are the equally famous Asha Bhosle and also Usha, Meena and Hridayanath Mangeshkar.

Lata had her first music lessons from her father.   When she was five years old she was an actress in her father’s plays.

In 1942 her father died of heart disease.   Master Vinayak was a close friend and he owned a movie company.   He helped Lata launch her career.   In 1945 she moved to Mumbai as his movie company had moved there.

In 1947 Lata started to learn classical music.

After Vinayak’s death Lata went to Ghulam Haider, a top music director.   He liked the sweetness of her voice and so he took her to Subodh Mukherjee.   However he did not like her voice because at that time heavy voices were more popular.

At first Lata Mangeshkar try to sing in the same way as the well known singers of that time such as Noor Jahan but later on she established her own style of singing.

Ghulam Haider gave Lata her first big break with the sing ‘Dil Mera Toda’ from the film ‘Majboor’.

In the 1950’s Lata sang songs composed by lots of differebt acclaimed music directors.   In 1958 she won her first Film Fare Best Female Playback Award for the song ‘Aja Re Pardesi’ from the film ‘Madhumati’.

In the 1960’s and 1970’s Lata Mangeshkar’s career went from strength to strength with songs like ‘Pyar Kiya to Darna Kya’ from ‘Mughal E Azam’.   She has recorded duets with all the leading male singers including Mukesh...
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