Ethnic Groups and Discrimination

Ethnic Groups and Discrimination

Kumoia Dorsey


November 23, 2010

Jamie Morgan

Ethnic Groups and Discrimination
African immigrates migrated from Africa to come to the United States. Between the years of 1921-1924, there was a legislation that didn’t allow Africans to enter into the United States. During the Immigration Act of 1965, Africa and Asia “developing” countries had a substantial increase in the number of immigrates. Alone this time the immigration Act of 1965 also help many families to reunify too for great opportunities.

During the 20th Century is when the African became decolonized. The main reason Africans came to the United States was to advance themselves educationally before returning back to their country. This is when the brain drain came into play because the reason of immigrating turned out to be more permanent. Because professionals wanting to leave Africa to have a better living life in the United States. When immigrates from Africa settle into the United States they typically migrated into the urban areas, such as, Washington DC, New York, Columbus, Ohio, Atlanta, and Minneapolis.

African came into the United States through slavery. When African Americans became slaves they played a big role into the economic system. Not being able to vote and or have a say so in anything brought bad things unto the slaves. Prejudice was brought upon delivery of schools, jobs, neighborhoods, hospitals and etc. Racism started with African Americans in the 1600’s. Within this time frame Africans started arriving in Jamestown. In 1705, blacks were forbidden to serve as witness in court cases. 1881, segregation of public transportation played a role in racism towards the African Americans. This timeline of racism just goes to show that African Americans have had racism thrown at them since entering into the United States through slavery.

Segregation toward the group of African Americans played a great amount from the beginning...