Ethics Reflection
Clyde Pritchett
Doctor Kocharyan

In the business world you have rules and several of guidelines that you must abide by in the workplace.   There are other guidelines and factors to abide by which determines the personality of the company.   These factors are ethics and social responsibility which play an important part in planning your life or for the well being of your business.   As a company or companies develop their strategic plan, they must take in consideration of how ethics and social responsibility will impinge on the strategic plan keeping the needs of the stakeholders at the forefront. People and companies make decisions everyday based off of certain actions such as ethical behavior, perspectives and beliefs.   In overtime as people and companies continue to practice their ideal ethics and social responsibilities would eventually define the person or the company.

Role of Ethics and Social Responsibility in Strategic Planning
In management ethics are like rules or guidelines to help employees display proper conduct according to the company’s personal standards and values that the top level management has chosen to define the company.   The company should incorporate their chosen beliefs and values within the strategic plan.   This will guarantee that their employees will comprehend the rules and be able to make sound ethical decisions.   The company’s values and beliefs are mainly outlined in the mission statement, vision, and philosophy which will give the employees their guidance, purpose, and clear comprehension of the company’s behavioral belief and decisions decided by the company’s stakeholders.   When the company complies with the overall mission and vision statements it can really assist in setting company goals and strategically plan for the future while maintaining the integrity of the ethics of all core decisions.
Pearson and Robinson stated “central to the belief that companies should be...