Ethics is very subjective and not objective. While one might think that bringing ethics into business might be the a good way to run business but it is very difficult to establish the fine line of what is ethical and not ethical. For example, when someone is running a business and making decisions, one has to account for multiple perspectives/aspects and weigh out the options for making the most practical decision for the business and for one's self without having to compromise one's values. While that might be the best and most desirable choice for that person, it can be argued that the choice made was not ethical from another person's perspectives BECAUSE that person did not have to account for all the perspecitves/aspects and the options. So, even though there is a chance that the person who is judging could arrive at the same conclusion as the previously mentioned business owner IF the person is making the decision, BECAUSE that person is not making the decision, it can be seen as unethical.

Our society is run by corporations and large businesses and often their ethics are called into question. While it is understandable that those buisnesses have to look out for their own they have obligations as a crucial part of the society to act responsibly and to contribute to the society. If we let the businesses to behave unehtical and looking out for their own agendas only, it is only a matter time before our society become chaotic. There has to be an ethical standard of which businesses are governed and ran, after all businesses are run by people.

Against ethic is more persuasive.