When determining whether or not a company will be successful, the company’s ethical beliefs should play a big part in that decision.   Sure there may be some companies that will have quick, short term success as a result of unethical behavior, however, this success will be short lived and will not last.   A company with an ethical belief system, on the other hand, may not have the same quick success as the unethical company, but the success will last long and the business will flourish as word of mouth continues to bring in more clients.  
A good example of this theory that comes to mind is an auto mechanic shop.   Much of the clients for an auto mechanic will come from referrals.   If the auto mechanic treats their clients fairly and the clients leave the shop happy, when the client’s friends and family are having car troubles the clients will likely refer their loved ones to the auto mechanic where the client had such a good experience.   If the auto mechanic is unethical and maybe overcharges the client or does not fix the car properly, the clients will eventually realize the unethical behavior of the mechanic and will stop taking their business to the mechanic.   At this time, the word of mouth factor will hurt the mechanic shop as well.   When the client, who was treated badly and did not have a good experience hears of loved one’s car troubles, will advise their friends and family members to stay away from the mechanic where they had the bad experience.   The unethical mechanic shop may have made more money quickly, but by doing so they lost the client and every other person that the client will tell about their bad experience.
Another example of ethics in business and how unethical behavior affects a company’s success has to do with a residential construction inspection company.   New home inspection involves taking samples from materials being used to build houses.   For example, when the sidewalks are being poured, a new home inspector will take samples from the...