Race and My Community
Shervon Wade
Eth 125
January 16, 2011
Lisa Connor

Race and My Community
I live in the community of El Cajon. El Cajon is in the most eastern valley in the County of San Diego, State of California. The US Census approximately 95,000 people live in the city of El Cajon in 2006 (US Census Bureau, 2010). The racial makeup of the in the city of El Cajon in the 2000 census was 74.00% White, 5.37% African American, 0.99% Native American, 2.79% Asian, 0.37% Pacific Islander, 10.49% from other races, and 5.99% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race was 22.47% of the population. I am a member of the racial group of African American. Two of the communities in the city of El Cajon, Lakeside and Santee, are home to members of local hate groups. Hate crimes in these areas have been reported. The area of Santee has been infamously renamed to “Klantee.” Most members of the African American community are frightened to enter this area alone or at night.
The El Cajon police department is infamous on their treatment of all minority groups. There are stories told of racism and ill treatment of minority groups. Their presence and interaction is reminiscent of antebellum south. I personally, as an African American female living in the city of El Cajon, have experienced prejudicial treatment from the El Cajon police department. There once was an instance I called for assistance because a neighbor went on a drunken fit and had her children running wild in the streets. One child was nearly hit by a passing vehicle and I informed the mother. The mother immediately verbally attacked me and threatened to harm me. She was in front of my vehicle refusing to move. I called for police assistance and immediately upon their arrival I was placed in handcuffs and they ran to the aid of the drunken neighbor to ask her what was the problem. It took the management office and several others before the officers understood I was the victim in the situation....