Ethics in Information Technology

      Technology is developing rapidly and the usage is increasing daily. With this development came many ethical issues in the field of Information technology. Some of the Ethical issues are licensing of software, online privacy, communication using Internet these are raised at individual level and society level.IT Professionals have access to important information and tools required for business, so they have ethical responsibility as technical knowledge.


      Technology is the organization of knowledge, people and things used to meet specific, practical human needs and goals. Modern technologies did not develop over time in a planned, linear direction. Instead, our current technologies evolved as a result of nonlinear, random events, prompted by the desire to satisfy certain human needs or to solve specific human problems. When a society passes from a pre-industrial to an industrial state, its citizens become less dependent upon nature and more dependent upon one another technology is usually developed to meet a specific human need or to solve a specific human problem.

The Global Economy

      The global economy shows increasing linkages forming between the high and low income countries these linkages are forming through: Trade, finance, production and an increasing number of treaties.

Globalization is multidimensional characterized by specific features

    • Technology advancement

    • Liberalization of trade

    • Financial flow increases

    • Increase in corporations and growth

    • Shrinking space and time

    • Disappearing borders

Globalization holds the potential for promoting and protecting human rights through economic growth, increasing wealth, increasing linkages among people and evolving development opportunities.

Social Networking

      People across the world like to interact; share opinions photos and videos with friends and family members, developers...