Ethics Paper

My personal ethical viewpoint revealed that I best way to balance my reasoning skills and my intuition to determine how to complete my duties while achieving the best good for each individual. I seem to prioritize the value of autonomy over equality. I believe in individual rights and that’s the best way that everyone is treated fairly. I value rationality and sensibility equally. Believing that there are universal principles and each situation is unique, not all exceptions can be categorized. I would be flexible and consistent.
My blind spot belief that motive justifies method or m own good is good enough. Sometime I fail to be accountable to those who are depending on me. As long as I am satisfied with my own needs, I can become complacent and leave unresolved problems for everyone else to let them fend for themselves. I also may cause people pain and upset them unintentionally because I’m focused on my own good motive. I can become judgmental or greedy when others do not fulfill what I believe are their duties. I also will be quick to label them as unethical. I tend to think through a problem carefully and research options to find the one that would allow me to fulfill duties, but at the same time I see the situation in light of past experiences and temper reason with intuition to blend in new information and solve problems. On the other hand, I balance responsibility, entrepreneurship, accountable, and fiercely self-reliant. I define an ethical person as one who will do their duties and does the right thing as an autonomous, a fully responsible adult. I value individual balance and restraint in the desire for pleasure as I seek to satisfy duties. I also demonstrate wisdom in practical matters and foresight as ai act with enlightened self-interest in a particular situation. I bring optimism, imagination and the gift of entrepreneurship to the table.
I would use my personal ethics to determine a course of action by seeing more clearly. I would make sure that my...