Ethics 260 Week 4 Assignment

Week 4 Assignment
1. The Mayor has a difficult decision on his hands. He must decide if land that houses a nursing home and senior citizen recreation center should be developed to house a large mall and resort. This new development would bring in $150 million a year from tourism and would create several hundred new jobs. By moving forward with the development would cause 30 people to be out of work and affect the lives of 100 senior citizens. If I decide not to develop the land, leaving things as they are would deprive the community of the economic development it needs.
Using the consequentialism theory, I have to weigh the consequences of developing or not developing the land along with who benefits. I would go with developing the land and look into finding a new home for the nursing home. I would also try to relocate the recreation center also but because the recreation center only benefits the senior citizens in the community, it would not be a major concern. The extra income brought in by tourism will help the existing businesses to grow and create even more jobs. As Mayor, I have to take into consideration what is best for the majority even if it may cause a hardship for the minority.  
Using the theory of deontology the interest of the whole community is the only concern, and it is my duty as Mayor to base my decision on this obligation.   As Mayor, I would decide to go with the new development.   My duty is to make my community prosper and grow. My decision may impose on the rights of the senior citizens and displaced workers but deciding to go against the development would impose on the rights of many more citizens of the town by denying them the opportunity at a better income and the rights of the businesses in the town to grow and prosper. Therefore, at the expense of angering a few I think my decision to go with the development is the best decision because it is for the greater good of the community.  
Using virtue, ethics I would have to consider are...