Ethical Dilemias

December 19, 2015
Steve Duby
Elements of the Christian Worldview
To determine what the elements of the Christian are worldview is I must first have an understanding of what a worldview and a Christian is.   A worldview is the way an individual or a group of people perceive the world around them. A Christian is a person who follows the beliefs and teachings of Jesus Christ. When the two definitions are combined you get a world that is viewed based off the teachings of Jesus. The basic elements of a Christian worldview are: there is a God, Jesus helps us escape judgment of God, and all people have sinned.
The most important aspect of having a Christian worldview is the belief that there is a God. God is said or described to be many things. God cannot be described as easily as other things. The bible proclaims that God is a spirit; he cannot be restricted to a color or body. God has no true physical form and isn’t restricted to the boundaries of his creations. The bible proclaims that our God is righteous and holy. God is characterized as being eternal, holy, all-powerful and merciful. God is eternal because he will exist forever. He will never end and no one knows when he began. Even though we are uncertain of his beginning we know that he has always been and will always be holy. "Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come!" (Revelation 4:8) God is holy because he is clear of all corruption. God will always be all powerful because he simply has all the power. Everything that is around us, including humans, are his creations. Lastly God is merciful because he gives us a chance to redeem ourselves instead of punishing us for our sins.
Humanity is the human race as a whole and is the peak of God’s creation. Man was made based off the image of God. Man was also given supremacy over other creations. Human nature is the behavior and characteristics of all human kind. This includes how we think, act or feel.   For...