Ethical Decision Making and Strategic Planning

In the followıng essay ı will defıne busıness ethics. Furthermore, I will explain why ethical decission making is so important in the strategic planing process.
Ethics refers to principles that define behaviour as right,good and proper. Also how we should constrain the pursuit of self-interest when our actions affects other.When the creation ethical values the stakeholders having a good trust relationship each other.During the right selection decion making ethics providing such as justice , equality and implementation of principles of merit in management.As well as other important ethics types in business ethics; can be defined as the critical, structured examination of how people institutions should behave in the world of commerce.It’s all definition is so important for relationship. If we using ethical behaviours we directly having advantages for business like ; improved brand and business awareness and recognition, new sources of finance, better employee motivation and recruiment as well as having the disadvantages claimed for ethical business like; higher overhead , higher cost. All things are into the ethics.
To acquire the reputation of the businesses and create a positive   image fort he community depends on the relationship they establish with reliable.This trusted relationship, enterprises incerases with the level ,the market will provide   an important contribution to the values. For this reason business , ethics act and they need   to be more sensetives in their relationship with stakeholders. So every company , person or enterprises have to using ethical values.Also every company generally using ethical decision making. This decision mean is the proceses of choosing the best alternative for achieving the best resut or outcomes comliance with indicidual and social values, moral and regulations.
When they giving ethical decision making, they generally using with strategic planning. Because ıf we when doing...